Managed digital media, technology, and public relations for businesses and individuals

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These are the media and technology features that you will have access to and benefit from when you subscribe to our plan.

Media Features

Earned Media & Public Relations

Carve out the exposure you want across our network and beyond and get your message out there.

Public Speakig Opportunities

Access to Panelist and Speaker opportunities on AutoConversion, Clubhouse, and beyond.

Interviews, Panels, and Debates

Guest Interviews, Panel Discussions, Debates, and Roundtables on the AutoBurst Media Network.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Blogging, podcasting, email, video, social media, and SMS marketing too.

Media Coaching & Training

Implement your ideas with assurance and guidance from one-on-one media coaching and training.

Member Discount

Your subscription also lets you purchase other products and services we offer with a minimum 10% discount (on select items)

Advertising that Speaks

Technology Features

Virtual Broadcast Studio

Book studio time in our virtual broadcast studio powered by StreamYard that holds up to 10 people and includes a producer for live streaming.You can even produce your own shows and recordings.

Unlimited Slack Access

Our member network, knowledge base, and community forum are powered by Slack. You'll have unlimited access.

Marketing Automation & Integration

Benefit from AutoConversion's built-in marketing automation tools and integrate your systems with ours, too.

WordPress Website Hosting

Included with your membership is the ability to host secure WordPress websites with plugin maintenance.

Managed Analytics & SEO

We will set up and monitor your website analytics, search console, tag manager, and more for excellent search engine optimization.

Technology Coaching & Training

Manage your tech stack with assurance and guidance from one-on-one technology coaching and training.

Earned media is one of the most desirable forms of creating awareness for brands, companies, and individuals. There is no shortage of opportunities to take advantage of this form of exposure in today’s media-rich world

From blogging, podcasting, live-streaming, video, and social media – your inbound marketing strategy is key. The amount of time and cost to produce great content consistently over time is a real challenge. Sufficient resources are required. Not just technology, but specialty skills and experience also.

Now, for as little as $195 per month, you can benefit from branded media and PR campaigns by AutoBurst Media, one of the top digital agencies in Chicago, that strategically compliment your B2B content marketing objectives and from turnkey marketing automation and technology by AutoConversion.

Our campaigns begin with conversationally-driven recording sessions in a media-friendly show-like format that include you and your strategic allies as thought-leaders and influencers, which results in you appearing in blogs, videos, podcasts, and on social media across the web reaching thousands of people every day.

It’s like having your own turnkey media production and relations machine.

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These plans set the stage for a professional media strategy by co-creating sponsored content on AutoConversion that compliments your current strategy.

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Your subscription includes a Premium Membership on AutoConversion. Go here for details.

Your Media subscription includes a Premium Membership with AutoConversion where you will have access to resources that support your media and public relations strategy such as media appearances, panelist opportunities, and speaker engagements, plus other great benefits. This is a $30 per month value! 

Your subscription also includes monthly group coaching “Slack Sessions” for learning and collaboration with your media and public relations strategy.

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